Code: 3374

Wine Flight Tree, 3 glass, chrome

Wine Flight Tree, 3 glass, chrome
  • Height:
    38.5 cm
  • Diameter of Base:
    18.0 cm
  • Thickness:
    0.8 cm
  • Diameter of Glass Indent:
    4.0 cm
  • Capacity:
    3 glasses
  • Net Weight:
    510 grams
  • Material:
    Chromed steel
  • Capacity:
    3 glasses

The style of this wine flight holder has the benefit of being universal to any glass we have tested on. The upright style makes it very easy to handle. With the arms for each glass at different levels, you are able to easily guide the user through the flight and identification of the wines is clearer. To add further information or branding there is a card slot at the top of the tree.